Carlos is currently working on a manuscript titled Government and Governance: Security Policy-Making and Organised Crime in Chile to be published with Routledge in 2018.


‘Unlike Mexico and Central America organized crime and violence are minimized in Chile. Carlos Solar’s excellent book analyzes how Chile, as it consolidated its democracy, also created and empowered a set of institutions to ensure public security.’ Thomas C. Bruneau, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Naval Postgraduate School

‘Solar’s book is a nuanced and theoretically rich analysis of a regional problem that affects even stable democracies like Chile. The historical institutional approach provides a fascinating view of how Chilean political institutions developed and responded in the postauthoritarian era. His framework for understanding governance can be usefully applied to other cases, as can his policy recommendations for all states fighting organized crime.’ – Gregory Weeks, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

‘Carlos Solar has produced an outstanding book on the complex institutional challenges Latin American states are facing today in their combat against organised crime and insecurity. This seminal work provides a fascinating account of the recent Chilean experience in which a series of security networks and public policies has been established to counteract organized crime. Solar offers a fresh new way of looking at governance and policy-making issues in the field of public security which can be transferred and applied into other developing nations.’ – Patricio Silva, Leiden University, The Netherlands